Do you need new or replacement pool keycard?

I’m new to the neighborhood; how do I get a new pool keycard?

If you’re new to the neighborhood, or otherwise have never had a pool keycard, then you will be required to sign a liability waiver and turn it in to our property management company before obtaining your keycard.  The liability waiver can be found here (Pool Information and Rules) and should be completed, signed, and submitted to RealManage (click here for RM contact page).

NOTE:  Renters may not obtain a pool keycard directly; only HOA property owners may obtain a pool keycard.  Renters, please contact your property owner to obtain a pool keycard for you.  Renters who obtain a pool key card from their property owners are also required to sign a liability waiver.

My pool keycard stopped working; how do I get a replacement pool keycard?

If your pool keycard has stopped working, then the problem could be one of two things:

  1. The card keycard may have been accidentally ‘de-activated’ in the pool keycard system/database
  2. OR, the keycard may be physically damaged and therefore won’t work.

If the key has been accidentally ‘de-activated’ in the system, then RealManage should be able to ‘re-activate’ the keycard within 1 business day or less.  If the keycard has been physically damaged, then it will have to be replaced, normally at a cost of $25.00.

In either case, please contact RealManage (click here for RM contact page) and ask them to check the status of your keycard, and re-activate it, or order a new one if needed.  In order to receive most prompt service regarding keycard issues it is best to use the email form, and include your name, address, and keycard number if you have one.

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