Governing Documents

File NameSizeDate
File NameSizeDate
Articles Of Incorporation165.2 KB03-25-2007
Bylaws of Forest Oaks HOA502.4 KB03-25-2007
DCCR's - Milburn Section ('The Village')711.6 KB02-28-2002
DCCR's - non-Milburn Sections1.7 MB08-31-2000
HOA Legislative Update223.4 KB08-09-2011
Policy - Collection Of Assessments And Other Charges266.4 KB04-14-2011
Policy - Deed Restriction Enforcement181.5 KB11-18-2014
Policy - Deed Restriction Enforcement (Flowchart, Baseline)108.5 KB11-18-2014
Policy - Deed Restriction Enforcement (Flowchart, Landscape)61.7 KB11-18-2014
Policy - Open Board Meetings217.7 KB12-08-2011
Policy - Payment Plan187.8 KB11-30-2011
Policy - Records Retention and Production333.4 KB01-10-2012