Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Can I have a Basketball Goal?

Section 1 of the Amended and Restated Deed Restriction Guidelines and Clarifications effective December 6, 2013, the following guidelines apply to basketball goals within Forest Oaks:
1. Basketball Goals: The Architectural Control Committee, by the authority granted to it under
Section 8.05 of the Amended and Restated Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and
Restrictions, has adopted the guideline that permanent basketball goals will be allowed provided
they meet certain standards and receive ACC approval. Permanent goals must meet the following
  •  The pole must be permanently mounted into the ground to the side of the driveway in a full upright position not less than 25’ back from where the vertical face of the curb meets the street.
  •  The pole, backboard and net must be maintained in good condition at all times.
  •  Poles may not be installed in front of the garage or facing into the street.
Portable goals in Village section only will be allowed with a written variance granted by the ACC and the following criteria are met:
  •  The goal must be properly maintained and painted, with the net and backboard maintained in good repair at all times.
  •  The goal must be placed to the side of the driveway no more than 5 feet from the rear of the house and maintained at all times in a full upright position.
  •  Goals may not be rolled into the street, alley, or any other public right-of-way

I want to use a “POD” for a while. How long can I have one and where?

POD’s may be used for a period up to 2 weeks without prior approval.  However, it is recommended that you contact RealManage and let them know the dates that you intend to have a POD on your property so that the inspectors can be aware of it.  Suggested location is on the driveway, as close to the house as possible.


I want to add an improvement. What is the procedure?

The ACC guidelines and other documents for submitting a request can be found at the ACC Documents page.

I want to rent the community center. Where do I go?

Requests for a reservation should preferably be made at least two weeks in advance, and can be submitted using the online Community Center Rental Request form.


I lost my pool key. How do I get a new pool key?

Lost card-keys will be replaced for a fee of $25, and the lost card-key will be deactivated. Contact RealManage.  If you have a key but it’s not working, ask RealManage to make sure that it is activated before you buy a new key!