Many of the functions of managing our community are performed by committees of volunteers. If you are interested in participating, please either contact RealManage or get in touch with the committees. Committee chairs are always eager for more people to get involved, so they will be excited to hear from you.

If you are interested in joining any committee, please contact the appropriate Committee Chair, or the HOA Board if filling a vacancy. Additionally, the committees are always interested in hearing feedback and suggestions for improving our community.


Amenity Center/Pool Committee

Rett Griffith
(contact to join committee)
The Amenity Center/Pool Committee makes recommendations regarding operation of:
  • Community Recreation Center
  • Swimming Pools - including rules and hours of operations

Architectural Change Control Committee

Jon Dickerson
Jon Dickerson, Autumn Willmann, Meri Carlson
The Archictural Control Committee (ACC) has standing meetings on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month, depending on membership's availability (business travel, vacations, etc); please check the calendar for confirmed meeting date/time. The 1st 15 minutes of each meeting is open for any FO Homeowner who wishes to address the ACC. The ACC meets at the FO Clubhouse (Corner of Lynnwood & E. Park).The ACC performs the following functions:
  • Reviews all plans and specifications for improvements to lots within the Association.
  • Reviews and approves/denies the Property Manager's recommended deed restriction violations for "unsightly articles".
  • Reviews and approves/denies the Property Manager's recommended deed restriction violations for "maintenance of visible exterior surfaces of improvements".

Landscaping Committee

Mel Kirkland
(contact to join committee)
The Landscaping Committee performs the following functions:
  • Maintenance of common areas in the community
  • Considers special recognition awards for "Yard of the Month"
  • Organizes Annual Clean-Up Day.

Publicity Committee

(contact to join committee)
The Publicity Committee provides and maintains communication channels to the community via signs, newsletters and the web.

Recreation and Social Committee

Julie Levy
Meri Carlson, Rachel Sherman-Hermann, Mel Kirkland
The Recreation and Social Committee performs the following functions:
  • Plans neighborhood parties and other Association events.
  • Helps organize neighborhood clubs and groups, including play groups.

Neighborhood Watch Committee

Bryan Hickerson
The Fockers
The Neighborhood Watch and Maintenance Committee performs the following functions:
  • Makes recommendations to the Board regarding safety, security and maintenance of common areas of the community.
  • Coordinates the Neighborhood Watch program.