Clubhouse Rental

Forest Oaks Community Center Information and Rental

The Forest Oaks Community Center is located at 105 N. Lynnwood Trail, in the northeast corner of the traffic circle at East Park St.

The clubhouse is the usual venue for committee and board meetings. Residents can also rent it for personal events. It has a main open area room with about 60 chairs and 8 rectangular tables, a kitchen with a serving counter and a refrigerator, and restrooms.

Requests for a reservation should preferably be made at least two weeks in advance. To request a reservation, please fill out the online Community Center Rental Request form below. Please check the Forest Oaks Calendar before making a reservation to see whether the Clubhouse is already reserved at the time you wish to rent it.

Important Notes: A $150.00 deposit and a rental use fee of $25.00 per hour is due when the reservation is made. Please also contact RealManage for the latest availability and to arrange picking up and returning the key.


Community Center Rental Request

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