Cedar Park Tree Trimming

Tree trimming will begin in your neighborhood starting on the week of February 12th, 2018.  A door hanger (see attached) will be placed on your door one week prior to the beginning of the trimming.  The trimming will start at least one week after the notice, and may involve more than one week to complete the process.  

The trimming is necessary to allow for access by the Fire Department emergency vehicles and to make your neighborhood a safe place.  The City of Cedar Park wishes to create both aesthetically pleasing experiences and safety of the community.  

The “Green Book” by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials specifies line of sight must be maintained for passing, stopping and decision sight distance.  Intersection sight distance also must be maintained in order for drivers to control the operation of their vehicles to avoid striking an unexpected object in the traveled way for both approach and departure.

We will provide the same services as a professional arborist at no additional cost.  In addition, you have the option of hiring your own service, however, we cannot reimburse you for the costs involved and the work must meet the standards outlined below.

Encroaching tree branches will need to be removed in order to prevent pedestrian and vehicle obstruction.  Only problem branches or trees will be removed for safety purposes. You can help us by doing your part to keep your trees trimmed so that they are not in the way of vehicles or pedestrians.  More information can be found here about tree trimming.

Trees must be trimmed to clear 140’ for regulatory signs as well as warning signs.  The “intersection sight triangle” must be clear and there should be a height clearance of 14’ above the roadway for motorized and 8’ above the sidewalk for pedestrian traffic.  The sidewalk must be clear of any obstructions.  Additionally, the street light illumination needs to be free of limb obstructions.  Shrubbery, trees and other plants shall not be higher than 3’ tall at full maturity within the sight triangle.

Tree branches should hang:

  • At least eight feet above the sidewalk
  • No less than 10 feet above the edge of the curb
  • At least 14 feet over the street.  


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