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Call for Candidates for Forest Oaks Board

Dear Forest Oaks Association Members,

Mark your calendars!  The 2018 annual meeting of the Forest Oaks Owners Association has been scheduled for Tuesday, April 17, 2018.  More details about this important meeting will be sent out next month. 

This year there will be two seats on the Board of Directors expiring, and up for election.  If you have ever wanted to get involved with your association and help with making the important decisions regarding the governance and management of your community association, this is your chance to volunteer!

At this time, we invite any Forest Oaks homeowners interested in running for the Board to submit their name for candidacy.  To do so, simply complete the Board of Directors Application Form and return to RealManage as stated on the form by March 5th.  All terms on the Board of Directors are for a 3-year period; if elected at this years annual meeting, your term would expire in 2021.

We thank you, in advance, for your interest in volunteering to service your community.  Please let us know if you should have any questions in the meantime.

RealManage, LLC
On behalf of the Forest Oaks Owners Association


Cedar Park Tree Trimming

Tree trimming will begin in your neighborhood starting on the week of February 12th, 2018.  A door hanger (see attached) will be placed on your door one week prior to the beginning of the trimming.  The trimming will start at least one week after the notice, and may involve more than one week to complete the process.  

The trimming is necessary to allow for access by the Fire Department emergency vehicles and to make your neighborhood a safe place.  The City of Cedar Park wishes to create both aesthetically pleasing experiences and safety of the community.  

The “Green Book” by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials specifies line of sight must be maintained for passing, stopping and decision sight distance.  Intersection sight distance also must be maintained in order for drivers to control the operation of their vehicles to avoid striking an unexpected object in the traveled way for both approach and departure.

We will provide the same services as a professional arborist at no additional cost.  In addition, you have the option of hiring your own service, however, we cannot reimburse you for the costs involved and the work must meet the standards outlined below.

Encroaching tree branches will need to be removed in order to prevent pedestrian and vehicle obstruction.  Only problem branches or trees will be removed for safety purposes. You can help us by doing your part to keep your trees trimmed so that they are not in the way of vehicles or pedestrians.  More information can be found here about tree trimming.

Trees must be trimmed to clear 140’ for regulatory signs as well as warning signs.  The “intersection sight triangle” must be clear and there should be a height clearance of 14’ above the roadway for motorized and 8’ above the sidewalk for pedestrian traffic.  The sidewalk must be clear of any obstructions.  Additionally, the street light illumination needs to be free of limb obstructions.  Shrubbery, trees and other plants shall not be higher than 3’ tall at full maturity within the sight triangle.

Tree branches should hang:

  • At least eight feet above the sidewalk
  • No less than 10 feet above the edge of the curb
  • At least 14 feet over the street.  


Do you need new or replacement pool keycard?

I’m new to the neighborhood; how do I get a new pool keycard?

If you’re new to the neighborhood, or otherwise have never had a pool keycard, then you will be required to sign a liability waiver and turn it in to our property management company before obtaining your keycard.  The liability waiver can be found here (Pool Information and Rules) and should be completed, signed, and submitted to RealManage (click here for RM contact page).

NOTE:  Renters may not obtain a pool keycard directly; only HOA property owners may obtain a pool keycard.  Renters, please contact your property owner to obtain a pool keycard for you.  Renters who obtain a pool key card from their property owners are also required to sign a liability waiver.

My pool keycard stopped working; how do I get a replacement pool keycard?

If your pool keycard has stopped working, then the problem could be one of two things:

  1. The card keycard may have been accidentally ‘de-activated’ in the pool keycard system/database
  2. OR, the keycard may be physically damaged and therefore won’t work.

If the key has been accidentally ‘de-activated’ in the system, then RealManage should be able to ‘re-activate’ the keycard within 1 business day or less.  If the keycard has been physically damaged, then it will have to be replaced, normally at a cost of $25.00.

In either case, please contact RealManage (click here for RM contact page) and ask them to check the status of your keycard, and re-activate it, or order a new one if needed.  In order to receive most prompt service regarding keycard issues it is best to use the email form, and include your name, address, and keycard number if you have one.

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Pre-Approved Paint Colors for “The Village” (a.k.a. white picket fence area)

We are in the process of creating a list of pre-approved paint colors in “The Village”.  But unfortunately, the original colors are from Monarch Paint.  This paint company has been bought by PPG Pittsburg Paint and the old Monarch paint colors have been made obsolete. To date we’ve had no luck yet cross-referencing the old Monarch paint colors to current PPG colors. Below is a list of the obsolete Monarch colors that we know about:

DriftwoodAspen WhiteBase 22-610
- 1 Gal: B-23, C1Y36, F-4
- 5 Gal: B-2Y19, C-8Y36, F-20
Base 22-610
- 1 Gal: C-7, L-1
- 5 Gal: C-35, L-5
China FogGreen Hedge
Clean VaporAspen WhiteBase 22-610
- 1 Gal: C-7, L-1
- 5 Gal: C-35, L-5
Knightly StrawAspen WhiteBase 22-610
- 1 Gal: C-7, L-1
- 5 Gal: C-35, L-5
LemonadeAspen WhiteBase 22-610
- 1 Gal: C-7, L-1
- 5 Gal: C-35, L-5
Lunar StoneAspen WhiteBase 22-610
- 1 Gal: C-7, L-1
- 5 Gal: C-35, L-5
RockAspen WhiteBase 22-610
- 1 Gal: C-7, L-1
- 5 Gal: C-35, L-5
TeutonicColony WhiteBase 22-610
- 1 Gal: B-5, C-22, L-8
- 5 Gal: B-25, C-2Y14, L-40
Wainscot GreenAspen WhiteBase 22-610
- 1 Gal: C-7, L-1
- 5 Gal: C-35, L-5

Since we are currently unable to cross reference the original colors with existing colors, we kindly ask that all paint color selections be sent to the ACC for review (click here to contact the ACC).  As most colors are approved, they will be added to the “pre-approved color list”.

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2015 Annual Meeting

The 2015 Annual Meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 28, 2015 at 7:30 p.m. (7:00 p.m. registration) at Reagan Elementary School.

There are three options to participate in the annual meeting and to count towards meeting a quorum.  See details on the first page of the Annual Meeting Packet.


Annual Meeting Packet, 2015 (280.4 KB)

There are 3 board director positions up for election this year.  Please contact the Board or RealManage ASAP f you would like to run!  Candidate biographies can be found here:

File NameSizeDate
File NameSizeDate
2015 - Robert Medure123.2 KB04-11-2015
2015 - Mel Kirkland6.5 KB04-12-2015
2015 - Lindsey Reccord94.8 KB04-12-2015
2015 - John Miri605.8 KB04-11-2015
2014 - Kim Gogulski48.7 KB04-11-2015
2013 - David Oliver53.2 KB04-11-2015


Paint Maintenance

As we move towards spring it is time to start thinking about what needs maintenance. Many of the homes in our neighborhood are passing their first decade. Because of this, many of the painted exteriors of our homes are showing their age.

It is important to repaint when wear-and-tear shows to help prevent premature damage to siding and trim. This includes damage from the sun, water, and mold. As such, it takes a lot of that damage itself. This can be seen in fading (or chalking), or when very far along as uneven color due to the siding showing through in thinner areas of the paint.

Most of the siding in the neighborhood is hardie board. This strong material is a fiber cement board, capable of withstanding our rough weather. The siding itself is good for 50 or more years, if maintained. It is naturally resistant to rot, but any damage or non-sealed edge can be an issue with water and fast temperature changes. When it starts to damage, it will delaminate or warp. Paint provides a good seal over the edges.

Trim differs across the neighborhood, from hardie board to wood. Once wood trim shows any discoloration or wear it should be painted. Mold and mildew will start to grow quickly, spreading under the paint. It is an accelerating process, as mold holds more water in the wood and is able to draw moisture out of the air. Once compromised it becomes a potential leak into the home if the wood penetrates the siding, such as with a gable vent.